Dancing has always been a passion of mine, and I am always looking for new types of dance that I can try out. I was trawling the web looking for dance classes to try out, when I found www.danceschoolsbradford.co.uk and their Poi classes. Poi is a kind of performance art like dance that is traditional in the Maori culture. I am always up for trying new things, so I went to try the class out. 

Although I have been dancing for most of my life, I found Poi quite challenging at first. It relies a lot on balance and co-ordination, and I am quite clumsy by nature so the first couple of classes were a struggle. However, by the third week I already felt a difference in my concentration and Poi ability. I was really pleased with myself and felt like I had definitely achieved something.

 Since then I have become completely addicted to Poi, I love it! After the initial shaky start (literally!) I am really impressed by the improvement that I have made. It’s all thanks to www.danceschoolsbradford.co.uk and their brilliant teaching. Try something new and try Poi, you won’t regret it.