Are you destined to be surrounded by bright lights? Have you always dreamt of being on stage or walking up the red carpet to receive an Oscar? Well if you want to try and make that dream a reality there are plenty of drama schools in Cheshire that can help you.

Drama schools in Cheshire are dedicated to the training of actors. But if you’re not wanting to take centre stage, they also specialise in training stage managers and technicians, directors and designers, to provide you with the skills and levels of creativity to meet the high demands of working in film, theatre, radio and TV. The drama schools in Cheshire offer acting classes, stage coaching, and much more. The drama schools in Cheshire take on all ages and there are classes for all levels, from beginners to semi-professional and many courses are on offer. Drama schools in Cheshire can also leave you with qualifications that will look great on your CV and will also give you lots of practical experience which will help you build your confidence. Courses start at around one year in duration and can run up to three to four years to give you all the experience and qualifications you need to start your journey towards the big screen (or stage!).